Ethics and Sustainability

Respect underlines the work we do at Weruzo; respect for the human element in our products and respect for the environment. As such we are committed to sourcing and manufacturing responsibly, to ensure that we have the least negative impact possible on our people and the environment. 

Sustainability is a work in progress and requires constant research, evolution and adaptation. As a company we are at the infancy stage of this process but stay committed to ensuring we do not have a detrimental effect on the environment or on the individuals involved in creating our products. We will always consider the impact we have and refine and update our processes as we grow.

We are determined to create a sustainable and ethical company, here are some of the steps we are currently taking;

- All individuals that work for us are paid a living wage.

- All our woven labels are made from a recycled polyester mix.

- We use organic cotton sourced from countries that have naturally high amounts of rainfall- which reduces the water wastage when cotton is grown and processed. Our current supplier is Eugster + Huber.

- Our paper comes from FSC certified forests- these forests are sustainably managed so that deforestation does not occur.

We believe that sustainability is not about elimination but rather about finding innovative, non-toxic(harmful) and responsibly sourced materials to use in creating our pieces and look forward to working more to that end.